Space Based Power Grid
Space Based Power Grid

Space – The New Frontier.

Since flight was invented, man has realised that altitude provides superiority in speed, travel, knowledge and warfare. The Earth’s atmosphere however, works against longevity, speed and distance of available services.

The vacuum of space is an ideal environment for low power, micronised technology to enable transmission, monitoring, situational awareness and re-transmission capabilities for extremely long periods of time.

With consistently reducing costs associated with technology components and required bandwidth and processing volumes, space is now a real and tangible field of endeavor for commercial entities looking to capitalise on cutting edge technologies.

Imagine low-orbit sensors able to detect moisture levels in arable land, or track commercial aircraft around the globe, or provide situational awareness, complete with threat identification and assessments to dismounted soldiers in conflict zones. The benefits are endless and monumental, limited only by the human imagination.

AusAeroCorp is forging a new path into a new frontier – Space – with micronised satellites, sensor suites and communication technologies that will revolutionise the way humans interact, identify and understand not only their own surroundings, but the Earth on which they live.