Identification of all real and potential threats moves far beyond the visual.

With hostile radio waves, signals, IED's and BVLOS weaponry at the ready to cast maximum damage, it is imperative for friendly forces to identify as many elements as possible, prior to committing assets to the immediate area.

A sound situational awareness is the essence of a sound battle plan. With our platforms and systems in-theatre, AAC can assist with the identification of the following-

  • Buried IED's
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Hostile Personnel
  • Hostile Infrastructure
  • Airborne Improvised Ordinance Devices

Subject to operational requirements, feedback from our systems can feed to dismounted soldiers, vehicles, command posts, FOB's or back to any forces' country of origin, in real or near real time.*

*Time dependencies are subject to distance, bandwidth and available carrier hardware, i.e. satellites.