Bespoke Aerospace Solutions

Australian Aerospace Corporation provides specialist research, consulting, payload creation and platform operations to Commercial and Defence industries.

We work as trusted advisors to our customers across various commercial industries and Defence, providing operations, technical assessments, strategy and planning, procurement and process, technology implementations and process engineering, often succeeding where others have failed, thanks to our extensive experience, ingenuity and ability to start any program of work, with the end in mind.

Our vision is to consistently drive innovation, create efficiencies and deliver lasting value through our relationships, whilst promoting excellence, fairness, honesty and equal opportunity in all our endeavours, ensuring the best outcome for customers and employees alike.

When you choose Australian Aerospace Corporation as your solution provider, you are choosing an unwavering commitment to world class service, a portfolio of sound solutions and unmatched understanding of business processes.

Our Services

Why Australian Aerospace Corporation?

Australian Aerospace Corporation is a bespoke activation company. Always ready to answer the needs of our clients, we only activate when there's work to be done.

With material experience across all platforms and domains, we stand ready to fulfill client needs across fixed wing, rotary and unmanned applications across vast and diverse global locations.

Our experience includes mining, search and rescue, agriculture, firefighting, remote sensing, agriculture, Defence, last mile delivery, tracking, prototyping, payload creation and development, experimental aircraft and bespoke platform control systems for manned and unmanned platforms.

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